Can't connect or ping via Laptop but android App works!

So I have a new Rasp 3 B+ running. Setting it up worked pretty well, I could use the temp hotspot. After installing the android app and booting the volumio the first time, I could not connect to it via my laptop with volumio.local or it’s ip address. The android app works like a charm though. I can connect, the rasp plays my local files as well as internet radio streams.

Any advice? thanks!

did you try volumio.local/ instead of volumio.local

Double check what you think is the correct IP address. If you can’t ping it, you’re not going to be able to connect to it.

Thanks for the hints. A tip from the runeaudio forum did it for me. I can access Volumio trough volumio WITHOUT the “.local” It’s that easy. :unamused:

Are you sure you doing everything wright? I mean,if you do, sometimes device itself is a problem. Some of the laptops are better for Ms Office and writing, like best laptop for writers but not for running apps, even musical ones. Sounds kinda strange, but my previous laptop just couldn’t handle Volumio, even OS reset couldn’t do anything, but a new one works just fine :sunglasses: