Can't connect after the last FW

I used to connect via hotspot and the usual way before but after update I can’t connect through volumio.local and volumio hotspot is unseen now.

How can I connect again?

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Can you be more specific and say what version you updated from and how? Can you see the device (which device?) and it’s IP address on your router? Can you login directly with a monitor and keyboard?

had same problem, I simply rebooted the raspy manually after… all came back to normal.

after updating to 118 i can conect via ssh. But not with ip or Volumio local. With no device
Any hints?

thx mau

tryed, wont woerk

hmm, it seens that something wrong with the ui. I used the back button ans suddently it seems to woerk. But the ui dont load. Pleas see attachment