Can't boot Volumio on my compulab utilite

Hi There!

After trying volumio on the Pi I decided to go big and bought a compulab utilite. :mrgreen:

Unfortunatley It’s been so far a quite frustrating experience. :smiling_imp: let me explain:

Besides that the micro SD class 4 card that came with the utilite, I got a Samsung class 10 micro SD since I thought that faster the better, right?

Well here it is:

Ubuntu on OEM card, boots OK
Ubuntu on Samsung card boots OK
Volumio 1.1 on OEM card doesn’t boot
Volumio 1.3 beta on OEM card doesn’t boot
Volumio 1.3 on Samsung card doesn’t boot

I already downloaded twice the Volumio 1.3 image

Do you guys have any advice on this? Should I keep trying different SD cards?

Thanks in advance

well for one, 1.4 is out so you should start there. After that I would say its something in the flashing but you seem to get Ubuntu working fine…most likely its something with the HW thats probably not compiled in Volumio.

But I for one will be curious to see how this goes, they look like decent units.

Compulab utilite and the original cubox are the only devices that haven’t received the 1.4 update yet.

I’ll wait for 1.4 but if neither 1.3 or 1.1 boot it doesn’t seem very promising :confused:

Is there anything I could do to help diagnose this issue?

  • Cheers,

Ok, I’ve got it working :smiley:

I updated u-boot on the volumio following these instructions:

And then everything was smooth. But as I side note, unlike the Pi, with volumio on the utilite there’s no graphical output at all, so keep in mind that even if you connect a screen it will go all black. Therefore I knew the utilite booted since the device had an ip adress assigned on my router. :wink: