Can't add files from USB

I couldn’t get Volumio (on my Raspberry Pi B) to reliably play files from my (SMB-mounted) NAS over wi-fi, so I’ve tried plugging a 64GB USB memory stick into it instead. If I SSH to the Pi and do ‘df -h’, I see the USB mounted as /mnt/USB, however I can’t find a way in Volumio to add the files stored there to Volumio’s library. What am I doing wrong? If I go to ‘Library’ there’s an option to mount a NAS, and that’s it.



PS Tried searching for related info in this forum, the forum config seems broken though (it won’t let me search for ‘USB’, or ‘usb library’, or whatever).

Try it with a smaller Usb stick (GB size). Boot Volumio with the USB stick already inserted, update the library and try it first with only a few music files.

Should work, try it again

Thanks for your replay, I’ll give that a try.

Re: forum search, if I search for (for example), “usb library”, it tells me: