Can't add favorites to Qobuz anymore

Volumio 3.198
Raspberry 3B+
Allo Bos DAC

I used to add favorites in album, artist or song to my Qobuz collection using the heart symbol and that worked pretty well. But since a couple of days I only get a red pop up “Error to favorites” Any idea?

That happens to me too, but very rarely. I have the Volumio Primo on an external DAC. “Remote control” is either M1 Macbook Safari or the iPhone with the app. But it’s ok again after restarting Safari or the app.

I have the same problem since yesterday, it works in Qobuz own app - but not via Volumio so I guess it can be an API related issue?
(Volumio Primo on 3.224)

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It’s working again, so it most likely was an API issue or something related.