Can't access a network share

I installed Volumio 2 ver 2.348 on a RaspberryPI zero w. Everything went fine, it recognized my USB DAC and plays correctly from webradio.

I have my music files in an HD connected to my router Technicolor with proprietary firmware from my provider. No password.
The HD is shared correctly and I can see it from my windows PC and from a Raspberry with Raspbian using SMB.
I’m not able to see the files in Volumio.

The network path is Digital/MUSIC
I don’t know if the space in the path could be a program but I can’t edit it
I configured:
path Western Digital/MUSIC
protocol cifs

I don’t get any error when I save the configuration. The volume is shown with a red X on Active and I can’t browse it.

Where am I wrong?

Attached the error