Cannot turn WiFi off since latest volumio update

Since the latest Volumio release i cannot turn off wifi. This problem also presented itself after updating my other primo to the latest version

How can i turn wifi off?

Thanks for reporting. We are going to have a look and fix it.

Thanks. You can turn it off. But when you refresh the screen, it turns itself back on.

I can confirm the issue, checked my Primo (v 3.324) and see the same thing. Wifi is turned on automatically and when you turn it off in the settings it just re-enable itself when you save the setting.

I can confrim this issue on Pi4 with v3.324, aswell.
Wifi is “re-enabled” after refresh of the settings page.

Fixed with Do not set regdomain if wireless is disabled · volumio/volumio3-os@f17de5a · GitHub

It will be in the next release.

Thank you very much.

Also it seems to be just a displaying error of the actual wifi state.
The button is reset to “Wifi On”, but the list of available Networks isn’t visible anymore.
Or maybe I’m wrong :slight_smile:

To my opinion completely correct; it’s only an indication error.