Cannot play Volumio Playlists

Is there some kind of limitation of total song amount that can be added to Volumio Playlist? I have created few playlists but when I decide to play the playlist, nothing happens. I press the play button and can see a green bar moving but nothing happens. I can only play single tracks by selecting one after one manually.

I have a similar issue with Volumio 3.223

I can usually find a way to get them to play, but it takes awhile and usually a reboot. I click on the arrow to the left of the playlist name and nothing happens. I click on play in the pulldown menu to the far right of the playlist name and nothing happens. I do have spotify songs in my playlists and suspect that may be causing the issues. I have the spotify plugin installed (does not show up in my main menu) and the spotify connect plugin installed. I can select my device on the spotify app which means the connect is working. Perhaps its an issue with the spotify plugin?

I created a short playlist without any songs from spotify and I can play the new playlist. But, only by clicking on Play from the pulldown menu to the far right.