Cannot play an album

Hello, I am using the latest version of Volumio 3.6.16 and I have a problem playing an album from the Album directory of Volumio. But the same album is possible to read from the Volumio Artists directory ?!

When I click play it doesn’t play. When I go to this album’s directory, I see a merge of 3 albums and the album name displayed is “*”.

2 Albums are completely merged (Fame + Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra (1938-1939)), with only one other song, No. 8 of Johnny Clegg and Savuka - In My African Dream, ist also present.

The album Louis Armstrong and his Orchestra (1938-1939) has no record of its own other than this fusion, the album Johnny Clegg and Savuka - In My African Dream has its own property which is complete and which can be played.

It’s a really weird bug… I have screenshots available down.


Could be some odd tags with these tracks. I use mp3tag to organise and clean up my music files.

I use EasyTag but the problem is not there.

I think it was the Volumio database that had a problem…

I did a search in the bar dedicated to this purpose to find individually the albums affected by this problem. If I select them like this, there are no problems, they are displayed correctly.

But when returning to the general display the problem reappears ;-(

I was able to find that the file No. 8 of Johnny Clegg and Savuka - In My African Dream had special characters, I corrected this file name error and the problem disappeared for this title.

08 - One (Hu)'man One Vote replaced by 08 - One Human One Vote

I still don’t understand why the other 2 full albums were merged together ;-(

It seems to me that the problem comes from Volumio which reorganizes my music in its own way, independently of the structure of my folders in which my music is contained.

It would be desirable to be able to choose between a classification by the user according to the structure of the folders he has created or one by Volumio.

In my case this automatic indexing is really undesirable…