Cannot mount Synology NAS

Any up to date tutorial or suggestions to mount Synology NAS as Network Drive to my Volumio Pi4? I try many way but cannot.

I’m moved from a Synolgy NAS to Q-NAP. I forget some details when I was using Synology but I do remember I used CIFS, Samba Ver 1 (the rpi will default version 3). As I say I forget details but I think I made the accessible to guest so there was no login.

I would use CIFS (SMB) as this is Synology’s default settings for a share, set “read-only” permissions for “guest” with the share folder you want to publish.
With Volumio, use “add new drive” and wait till the “Scanning for network drives” has finished, then pick your share from the Synology server’s list of shares.
Don’t forget to put “vers=1.0” in the options field (advanced settings) and you should be ok.
Just google the forum a little, there are many posts with hints how to use CIFS.

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Thanks, i can access now with different way.