Cannot list plugins - All endpoints are reachable [Solved]

I am not able to list available plugins. It used to work, then stopped…?

The journalctl -f is showing:
Sep 22 01:55:03 volumio volumio[1797]: error: Cannot download Available plugins list: Error: got 404 response

volumio@volumio:~$ volumio endpointstest
google_com, 393 ms: OK
www_googleapis_com, 181 ms: OK
securetoken_googleapis_com, 174 ms: OK
myvolumio_firebaseio_com, 239 ms: OK
functions_volumio_cloud, 674 ms: OK
oauth-performer_dfs_volumio_org, 890 ms: OK
browsing-performer_dfs_volumio_org, 986 ms: OK
cddb_volumio_org, 899 ms: OK
functions_volumio_cloud, 731 ms: OK
pushupdates_volumio_org, 615 ms: OK
plugins_volumio_org, 815 ms: OK
database_volumio_cloud, 572 ms: OK
radio-directory_firebaseapp_com, 465 ms: OK

REMOTE ENDPOINTS TEST OK, all Endpoints are reachable

I am logged into MyVolumio according to the interface, and it also claims I am on the latest version.

Is this a old install or a fresh on?
Can you post your latest version of volumio with version number.

And a log so people can seek where the problem is
404 error is most of the time that it’s not there or reachable.

Best regards,

The install is relatively new, only running for a little over a month at this point.


The System Information screen is not displaying a version number or release date for some reason. All attempts to run the update routine return indicating “You’re already on the latest version.”


It looks like you have a corrupted file (a very important one for Volumio), that’s why you don’t see version number and you don’t get plugins.

Few questions:

  • From where you did download this image?
  • Did you install something using SSH?

To solve, you need to reflash (or do a factory reset). Let us know

I will attempt the factory reset and see what happens.

I would like to retain the music database generated from my NAS if possible, is that a file I can back up and restore to avoid having to re-scan?

This was setup from the file: - I assume I obtained it from an official channel, but I do not know the specific download link I used at this point.

I was installing some additional plugins when this seemed to stop working, I managed to get the 80s90s web radio plugin, pandora, system information, and touch display plugins installed, there was another one called “now playing” that I also attempted to install, but that one didn’t seem to show up in the list - perhaps that’s where things fell apart?


Well I wasn’t able to save the music library apparently, but doing the factory reset seems to have restored the plugin listing.

Thank you