Cannot install the Touch Display pluing on Volumio Primo

While trying to get the output on HDMI back in use in Volumio Primo, I tried to install the Touchscreen Plugin. The installation failed without a hint what is wrong exactly. What is wrong?

Downloading plugin at
Creating install location
Unpacking plugin
Checking that the plugin is suitable for this version of Volumio The plugin can be used with this version of Volumio
Checking for duplicate plugin
Copying plugin to location
Installing necessary utilities
The plugin is not suitable for this device
Plugin failed to install!
Cleaning up…
Removing plugin directory /data/plugins/user_interface/touch_display
An error occurred while installing the plugin Error

There is no need to install a plugin for Primo. (and you can’t). Just go in system settings and enable Hdmi output.

yes, I know this setting. It used to work some while ago. Now, there is no UI showing up, only a text console from Linux with a login prompt. Are there virtual terminal active? When I reboot a volumio logo shows up in full screen though. So something seems to work.

Did you modify your system. Which plugin did you install?
YouTube plugins may cause problems.
You would have to reset to factory settings (in system). But you 'll loose your settings

If you have older versions of YouTube or YouTube Music plugin installed, you need remove them first.
To do so, login to the console through SSH or a keyboard connected to your device. Both username and password are volumio. Then:

// Remove YouTube plugin
rm -rf /data/plugins/music_service/youtube2

// Remove YouTube Music plugin
rm -rf /data/plugins/music_service/ytmusic

// Reboot
sudo reboot

Then you can reinstall the latest version of both plugins.