Cannot get spotify to show on home screen

I am using ver 2.0 volumio.
Plugins are spotify connect 1 0 5
and spotify 2 0 2
I have both enabled and on.
After i input spotify login name and password ,green progress bar slides to left ,and after that nothing else happens.No other confirmation.
On the home screen spotify app is not there.
What am I missing.
Help please.

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The Spotify and Spotify Connect plugins both allow you to play Spotify on your Volumio device, but their operation is very different.

The Spotify plugin allows you to access your Spotify playlists, do searches and play etc. from within the Volumio UI.

The Spotify Connect plugin allows the Spotify app on your mobile to direct it’s output to Volumio ie. most of the control is done from within the official Spotify app rather than the Volumio UI.

In both cases, you will need a premium account.

As a part of the installation of the Spotify plugin, you should be directed to an external Spotify webpage, where you confirm that you are allowing Volumio to access your Spotify details. If you don’t get to this part, then you need to try the installation again. If your installation was successful, then you should see Spotify listed as a source on the left hand side of the UI.

Thank you for responding back to me when no one else has.
Ok I am not getting directed to the external spotify page during installation ,I do have a premium acct.
When you say try install again would I uninstall the app or re install the vulumio program.
By the way the version I have is volumio 2.917-2

Uninstall & reinstall the Volumio plugin. It might be useful to show the extended information when reinstalling to see if there is an indication of a problem., Alternatively, send a system log after trying to install the plugin:

Would you share some system logs please?

Preferable from a fresh reboot, with minimal steps to reproduce the problem :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for all your help it is much appreciated .I Re installed and I got the verify screen and its now working great.

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