Cannot add or play webradio

Device: RP2 w/ HiFiBerry Digi+
Volumio v1.55 (fresh install)

I’m trying to play any web radio station to test my install after adding a HiFiBerry Digi+ to the mix.

Adding a station to the playlist fails, I receive the confirmation message that the station has been added to the playlist, but nothing gets listed on the playlist. At this point, I’m not able to play anything. I have tried ‘Add’, ‘Add and Play’, along with ‘Add, replace, and play’.

This is on a fresh install of Volumio 1.55

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Well, after scratching my head on this for a while I took a break overnight. I came back this morning and everything that I attempted to add to a playlist, was added this morning…go figure.

I’m still not getting any sound, either via optical or HDMI, but at least it’s attempting to play something now.