Cannot access WebUI

I’m using a raspi v1 model B. I downloaded and installed the latest Volumio image. I cannot access the WebUI, the “site cannot be reached.” I’m able to SSH into Volumio via Putty. Browsing to volumio.local does not work either.

Any ideas on what I can try next?

This tells you Ethernet connection is OK and its the GUI or login that fails.

My suggestions:
Are you sure that your system had a long uninterrupted first boot? I usually give it an extended coffee break (30 min or so as the v1B is not the fastest system and it has a lot of work to do on first boot). How about the amount of memory? I use a v1B+ which works fine but takes endless even for regular boot.

Will your router allow the Pi to log in? Make sure that is not set to known MAC addresses only. Verify on the router GUI.


I left raspi/volumio on for a very long time. My router is not blocking traffic, there is no MAC filtering.
I might try with a new sd card.

Does your PI 1 have 512 MB of RAM?
Volumio won’t run on 256MB PI1

Oh, I think you’re right. When I looked at a data chart for the Pi 1vB, I saw that it was 512mb. But now that I look closer, I see that only boards made in 2016 were 512, and mine is several years old. So, only 256mb ram. I think it’s time for a new pi3.

You won’t regret it, compared with the 1 it just flies… :wink: