Cancelled superstar subscription

I I upgraded superstar as I wanted to use the analogue input feature on my DAC+ ADC. I was disappointed to learn that although I could use the input to listen to analogue sources on the connected device, it was not possible to listen to this on other volumio devices on the same network.
there are ways of doing it but they require a lot of messing around with add-ons and I just wanted a simple option built-in to Volumio.

Is it still the case that I can only listen to the analogue input on the connected device or has functionality been added to easily allow the analogue audio to be streamed to another Volumio device?


We started working on this functionality and it will be released in about 2 months

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Epic :ok_hand:. I can listen to records in my living room when this is released! No room to physically have the deck in the room. Perfect solution.

You may want to introduce a sensible lifetime membership. Otherwise Volumio becomes more expensive than the best standalone ADCs …

Looks like I’ll be cancelling my Superstar subscription as well. I was under the impression that we could run up to 6 devices “simultaneously”, and also get better sound quality, but that’s not the case at all. If you want better sound quality, you have to buy into the Highresaudio service for roughly $313 US per/year or one of the other streaming services to get better sound quality. The other problem I have is that even if you do have more than 1 device, they have to have the same DAC’s. I have 1 Raspi with a HiFiBerry Digi + Pro Dac, and the other with a HiFiBerry + Pro. If you switch to the Raspi that is configured for the Digi and then switch back to Pro, it wont play because the “Audio Output” configuration doesn’t change with it.

I still like my Volumio, its just that the Superstar package is not for me. However, if in the future we will be able to run true “Multi-Room devices simultaneously”, then I’ll for sure up-grade my subscription.

There is no way I’d ever pay for a Volumio subscription. The Android app is pretty much unusable. It just doesn’t work. all I’m using volumio for is Spotify connect which is a shame because it could be so much better and I’d love to be able to to use it for web radio but it’s just not worth the hassle. It all works fine when I access it through my laptop but I’m hardly ever on my laptop. If I can’t operate it from a mobile device it’s pointless.
Also, as far as I’m aware it’s still not possible to stream from a DAC’s analogue input to another Volumio device in the same network. I can’t really see the point of having the analogue input function unless you can do this. This alone certainly isn’t worth paying a superstar subscription for either way!

Hi, I think you’re getting it wrong… You can use 6 devices and they can be with different DACs. Maybe you’re having another issue, which we can help you with. Just contact us at support at

We are working hard to improve the app. As of now, the Android version is really slow (it has to do with the webview on React Native, it works great on iOS but really bad on Android).

Did you try writing the IP in the mobile browser? That works just fine.

This feature is 90% complete and we plan to release it within few months, together with the multiroom synced playback feature.

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I am quite pleased with the Sound@home android app:
It’s fast, free (donationware) and it works extremely well, and although it does perhaps not implement every Volumio feature, it does everything I need.

I too find the Android app works okay.
It’s not slow or lacking for what I want to do.
I only use Qobuz with it and RPi/Kali reclocker.
I have to use the Qobuz app to save songs to playlists and then Volumio can pick them up (bit round about)but it works.

I can access Volumio on my Win/Lin laptops by typing the IP address one of the devices into my browser address bar. I can then use all the functions of Volumio perfectly well on every device.
It’s flawless in fact.

The issue is definitely with the Android app for me unfortunately. It’s not just slow, for the most part it’s just totally unresponsive. It just locks up and does nothing.

I can start a song playing using Spotify on my mobile device, if I select Spotify connect and point it to one of the devices this works well and is quite reliable or the most part.

So it’s definitely the app for me

Is the streaming of an audio signal from an analogue input to other DACs in the network working yet?

Bump. Still want to know this!

Hi Mrbadger,

There is an inofficial way to do that by creating an additional MPD output manually by editing mpd.conf
This has been mentioned somewhere here in the Forum years ago. (and it is working !)
You will loose OTA functionalty and don‘t expect multiroom Synchronisation by doing so…. also it will not work with Sporify.