Can volumio...

I have discovered volumio but there’s not too much information about it.

I’m looking for a replacement of my Synology NAS DS Audio program to stream audio with AIRPLAY to my Zeppelin Air, controlled with my ipad.

Is volumio able to stream music to AIRPLAY speakers?


I think airplay output to speakers is actually not possible.
Only Airplay input with connection of volumio as streaming server.

I have succesfully installed a forked-daapd daemon, working on standalone raspbian stretch with Zeppelin Air wireless connected :sunglasses:
On QNAP NAS Music Station app I can see Zeppelin as Network player, but no sound is going out :angry:

If a part from this “iTunes” server can be implemented in Volumio, then the functionality would be present.
But it is only my wish and suggestion to volumio develpers :question: