Can Volumio handle a digital input other than wireless?

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if it’d be possible to have Volumio switch between two inputs, like it effectively does with the music player daemon (mpd) and Shairport?

I’m contemplating getting a USB phono preamp to be built in to an older Bang & Olufsen Beovox RL1000 speaker that’ll also contain a Raspberry Pi Zero W and a Justboom AMP Zero, but then I’d like a simplistic HTML5 app to be amble to switch between the digital sources as it already does with Airplay, allowing me to choose to listen to a record from a turntable connected to the RIAA preamp with the builtin AD converter OR the digital output from Volumio. The amplifier works as the output, but the input needs to come from the RIAA preamp and go to Alsamixer which then would output through the amplifier.

Would Volumio even be able to do so without a restart, and how does it even detect Airplay input in the first place?

Hope some of the Volumio guys might chime in :slight_smile:

Best, Søren

Hi Soren,
yes, that’s totally doable… Problem is: must be coded into Volumio as a plugin…
I think sooner or later I’ll do it…

I’d love to see that to be implemented as well!

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That sounds great. Would it be possible to hack it, so that the RIAA preamp is muted by default and the push of a button pauses Volumio’s playback and unmutes the USB input from the ADC with the RIAA preamp, effectively switching between the two?

I have all the basic functionality in place for now and it works flawlessly. It’s amazing what Volumio is capable of and as I’m going about with these small audio projects like the Bang & Olufsen speaker, I get to learn more and more about Alsa as well and you really get some amazing possibilities (I mix stereo to mono as there’s only one speaker(!) and apply equalizer settings through the alsaeq plugin) and I’m really happy with the sound quality!

Keep up the good work!


Hello, I’d also be very interested in this: any update?
Thank you!

Yes, great Idea. Go for it :slight_smile: