Can Volumio connect to UPnP source?

I have successfully installed Volumio and I am able to stream one of the default radio streams. What I would like to do is to link my XBMC music library that’s available thru UPnP. Unfortunately, that’s when I am failing. Is Volumio compatible with UPnP sources? If yes, are there any step by step tutorials?

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I’m adding this functionality for next release… But don’t take this as granted, something could go wrong…

That’s fantastic news. Can’t wait … :wink:

If you are adding uPNP support to volumio, or if you are just looking for a uPNP renderer for a current volumio distro, you may want to consider adding openhome support; this has the advantage of supporting local playlist storage, rather than requiring a remote control point to maintain the playlist, as is required by the standard uPNP gmedia renderer.

Pete Manchester developed a very nice openhome renderer on the raspberry pi, which I have successfully installed and use regularly on an otherwise standard volumio distro. You can download his code on github:

Thanks for all the replies. That’s a good news about the DLNA for the next release. I rather wait for that than mess with command line in Linux. :smiley:

One more question: If I installed Volumio from an offline image, how would I upgrade to the latest version when it becomes available? Do I need to flash my SD with the new image or can I run some update commands to get the latest version?