Can Volumio change audio devices without rebooting?

Hi everyone

I’m running Volumio on a Rasp. Pi 3b with the Dac+ Pro sending the signal out to my tube amp, which lacks a headphone amp.

So I recently got a Schiit Fulla 2 headphone amp / DAC and Volumio recognizes it just fine.

My problem is, if I change output devices to listen to my speakers via the Dac+ or my headphones via the Fulla, then Volumio will no longer play audio until I reboot.

Has anyone else experienced this?


Hi usualnoise,

As far as i understand some things/modules have to be reconfigured at boot time - therefore a reboot is required.

I have a similar situation in one room.
But, since i changed to a PI3 rebooting doesn’t take much more time than switching off the tubes and grabbing the headphones.

  • Josef