Can Volumio able playback from USB attached Hardisk?

I’m newbie here…I’m going setup Raspberry Pi 4, I want to attach a large HDD (4GB formatted exFAT) and connect via USB 3.0 of Pi 4. In this configuration, will it work? I’m using Holo Spring DAC, connect via Pi 4 via USB 2.0, will this work? Thanks

ok first a external hdd you could add with a external powered usb hub,
because sometimes there is not enough power on the usb to power it.
a 4 gb hdd is not big you could use a usb stick of 4 gb on the pi that doesn’t need external power.
most of the usb dac’s will work on usb but you could add a external power on your dac to keep
the sound signal clean.

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I have 1TB