Can volumino play on Digione independently - without iphone?

hello. I have just joined the group. I have an Allo DigiOne streamer raspberry pi running dietpi and currently cast qobu or tidal from IPhone to the Digione but I’m trying to understand how volumino works.

Can volumino be added to the Digione so it can play on its own without having to cast from Tidal etc on my phone.

I understand I may have to use volumino on the iPhone (as an interface to the Digione streamer) to select things or change music that’s playing, but once it is, will things continue to play without the phone needing to be around?

Also, can volumino be loaded onto the Digione over wifi? Does Dietpi become redundant?

Thx for the help.

Volumio will stream Qobuz or Tidal directly from the server, not through your phone (you can turn off your phone and it will continue playing). This feature requires a Volumio Premium paid subscription. You can try it out with their 14 day free trial.

No. You need to flash it onto an SD card and use it to boot the Raspberry Pi. See the Volumio setup instructions: Get Started - Volumio