Can not search plugins

Hi all!

I wanted to refresh one of my plugins (Youtube Music) with a new version, so I uninstalled it, and realized that my “Search plugins” tab shows only plugins that are already installed (with buttons “details”, “uninstall” and “update”)

If I click on “Installed plugins” it lists (correctly) my installed plugins (I have only FusionDSP now installed) with options to turn the plugin on/off, settings and uninstall

How can I get back the complete list of plugins?

I’m on the latest version 3.449 on RPI 3 and I restarted Volumio many times after uninstalling the Youtube Music plugin.

Kind regards

This is looks like some rendering issue - did resize the firefox window a few times and the side menu for selecting various types of plugins re-appeared, I can click on it and select other plugins.

Doh… wish all problems could be solved like that :smile:

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