Can not create a bootable usb

I create bootable usb all the time in Lunix but the Volumio x86 image seems to lack a boot loader. I was able to install Volumio to a RPI 2 just fine and was so impressed with the product that I decided to install it on my x86 music computer but no matter how I try it will not boot.

  1. Created a Volumio x86 usb and it will not boot
  2. Created a Ubuntu Mate boot usb, booted off that and tried to burn the volumio x86 image directly to HDD. Writes fine but will not boot.
  3. Tried to install mbr to hdd, nope
    4, Installed Debian 9 to usb, booted and it works fine.

Is the current Volumio x86 image based on Jessie or stretch?

Any ideas?

It must be a UEFI problem. I dug up some 10 year old laptops and the USB boots correctly in those and the boot banner says “Legacy”.

Nice to reuse old hardware but it would be better that it installed in newer machines.