Can not connect with iOs app too Primo

<!-- Welcome to the Help and Support category Before posting, we kindly request you to: 1. Check for other reports/issues to avoid duplicates! 2. Add enough information so that the community can help. Things like version number, device, etc.. 3. Try and place you post in the appropriate category/tags of the forum. For example: --- Do you have a general question? Add the "question" tag --- Some thing more specific about myVolumio/tidal/qobuz/spotify specific? Add the appropriate tags.. Hi I have iphone xr and can not connect too primo Only searching, and when i type ip adress , i get only error message Help please

Hi! I replied directly to your comment in the product page :wink:

Where is a product paige?

This is what I wrote:

There is a new iOS app which is way more solid now. Update the app on iOS. For it to work best, do update also your Primo software.
Let me know!

I did dowload factory reset via usb
and i get primo on my app