Can i use PC USB as input too

I am currently up and running Volumio on my RPi streaming music from all over the place to my amplfier.
What I would like to do now is to connect the RPi with my PC through USB and be able to also play the sound output through the RPi DAC directly from the PC, while at the same time maintain the Volumio functionality.
Is this possible? If so how is this done? This my be a stupid question but …


So you would like Volumio/RPi as an USB soundcard? Don’t think it is possible as Volumio is all about being the perfect ‘source’ for playback.

I think I want it to work as an USB DAC, but that may be the same thing?
There is a DAC on the RPi and there is an USB port on the RPi, seems strange if its not possible to have the two connected?

But if it is not possible to use the HiFiBerry DAC via an USB input on the RPi, how can I get a digital sound signal to the RPi from a PC?
Is the solution to install AirPlay on the PC?
Or can I communicate through DNLA from the PC?

Is there a way to communicate to the DAC through I2S? Can I get I2S out of a PC?

To rephrase and simplify my question, how can I get Deezer on my PC to play through my RPi with a HiFiBerry DAC.


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I have tried out AirFoil for Windows (AirPlay) and it seems to work good! AirPlay is limited to CD quality (16/44.1) if I understand it correct, but most streaming sources on the web is less than this. I have used the System Audio drivers whoch seem to also work as expected.
I need to test this a bit more but this looks promising. Still to test how laggy it is (I have not set up the PC and the RPi in the same room right now)

I have earlier also tried “Stream what you hear” (DNLA) but it is laggy! So will not work for me. Is there any other DNLA solutions worth looking at?

So is AirFoil the best solution for me?

Just to avoid any confusion, Downloaded high bitrate music will be played through Volumio from a NAS!

Still think a cable with “less” bitrate limitations would feel good.


i know 1 Thing…

there is a command in the win8.1 Shell which says “Play to…” . there you can select media renderer from your Network!

Thanks brumey! I did not know that.

However this will not allow me to play system sound to any renderer … e.g. I cannot play Deezer (streaming service) from the browser. It needs to be an application. This is just stupid, why have MS implemented it like that? Why not make all system sounds available like in OSX?

This is inferior to AirFoil that will give me the possibliity to play any sound that the PC can produce to any AirPLay capable reciever.

Both Android and Windows should have the possibility to route the system sound to any DNLA/Chromecast/Anything ready renderer on my network. It is just stupid! Why is this implemented on a per application base???