Camilla DSP configs do not load when Volumio starts?

Hi, I am very happy with the way Volumio has transformed my music collection…thanks heaps
I have fostex bib single driver speakers that always have an annoying little peak around 3500 to 5000Hz.
I have used Fusion DSP Plugin via Camilla DSP. it works really well (Very Pleased) BUT… I cannot get the settings that I create in the Camill GUI ( which are transfered to Volumio) to remain when I shut down and reboot sometime later. Volumio does not seem to store my plugin settings and apply them on reboot.
Am I doing something wrong?
Or have I just missed some check box setting in Camilla DSP?

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated …works great …just cant get it to stick!


The DSP settings also disappear between tracks being played!

Yes, each time volumio start, the config is regenerated…
There is no way to update settings made in CamillaDsp GUI to FusionDsp. It works in the other way, from FusionDsp to CamillaDsp.
Do you save your settings in CamillaDsp GUI?
I may have a look to keep it persistent though… Don’t know when :thinking:
But I’m curious, what settings do you use that are not available in FusionDsp?
I’m going to move these post in the FusionDsp how-to thread.
Edit. I rechecked it. If you save your config in CamillaDsp gui, everything is kept between track or reboot. But don’t enable Loudness in FusionDsp in this case. :wink: