CA Cert error with Radio Paradise FLAC streams

As of today I cannot access the Radio Paradise FLAC streams any more on my RPi based Volumio box (latest version) and get a brief message flash up about a CA cert error, it doesn’t appear long enough for me to read it properly unfortunately. The various AAC and MP3 streams all work perfectly.

I can access the URL via a browser in Windows 10 without problem, and if I click on the padlock in the browser I see that the cert is valid until 11th November 2021, so I’m puzzled as to what the problem is here. Here is the output of the curl command from the box itself …

volumio@volumio:~$ sudo curl
curl: (60) SSL certificate problem: certificate has expired

Any ideas?

The DST root certificate used to sign let’s encrypt certificate expired this morning at 10:00. Looks like the debian version used by Volumio is not supporting the new root. I have the same problem with Tidal.

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Thanks, yes, I did a bit of Googling and noticed that. Strange though that the AAC and MP3 streams still work though.

Surely there must be a way of updating the root certs somehow from the command line?

I doubt there will be a solution as Volumio is running on Debian 8 which uses OpenSSL 1.0.1 As far as i know, we’ll need at least 1.1.0 to make it work.

Same here. Yesterday both worked. Only Tidal Connect, local files and other radio stations work

So, there’s no solution until Volumio 3 is released?

Thanks guys for the report, we are on it and we will release an update to fix that ASAP

Ok, we (Mervin) found a solution. Update is on its way.
We will keep you posted

I’ve updated to 2.915 today and all seems well. Qobuz also appeared back on the list of sources