Buzz when music stops

I have just installed my NanoSound One + Rpi4 2mb and am hearing a loud buzz coming from the speaker.

The buzz stops when music is playing but returns when the music stops.

Has anyone experienced this also? I am looking for a solution.

have you tried the same with a different PSU?

Is there a buzz when you play this file:

Different PSU is much better! Thanks!

Make sure to use a low distortion PSU, to feed the rPi as your DAC is powered by the rPi.
Something like the " iFi Audio iPower2" will most likely get rid of the buzz completly.

That’s a good suggestion, thanks.

Beware of cold soldering, and poor quality cables… they are sources of noise.

Check it by moving the cables a little, to see if the noise decreases.

I bought the iFi Audio iPower2. The buzz disappeared completely. I have checked also the cables (they are from a good quality). I think the problem is solved now.

That’s a nice PSU, makes me wonder if going all out on the Shanti was worth it :laughing:.I had some similar issues with occasional noise on my left speaker recently, and although they were decent 12 gauge wires, they had the screw on type banana plug… so over time and thanks to bass, they tend to get loose. Recently upgraded to soldered banana plug wires and now I have no issues and most importantly don’t have to worry about the connection over time.