Volumio is based on Debian Jessie, released in 2015-04-25, and end-of-lifed over a year ago (2018-06-17). Jessie does have another 9 months on LTS (EOL ~2020-06), but that’s supposed to give users time to migrate, not give developers an excuse to procrastinate further.

When will Volumio move to a more recent Debian release?

Stretch has been out for over 2 years; Buster was released in July. Raspbian Buster was released 2019-07-10.

Yes, we are aware of what you summed up re. Debian support, Buster does have our attention.
We are working on the x86 version to start, but have struck a number of issues during the upgrade process and unfortunately, due to our limited resources, have not been able to solve all of them yet.
We did made progress the last couple of weeks, but it is too early to commit to a ETA yet, so no need to ask.

Nearly a year has gone by. LTS support for Jessie was terminated over a month ago. And still no progress porting Volumio to a currently-supported version of Debian/Raspbian.

I think I need to find another distro — one which is being actively maintained.

Best of luck in finding another “distro”.

The only alternative I see is Moode Audio. Moode runs on buster.
For me it’s not an alternative as I mostly play music from Tidal. Also the plugin system on Volumio means a lot to me.
The only real competitor for me is Roon, and that takes a separate box to house the system and they refuse to do arm versions. It would also take away some of the tinkering/fun that comes with a Raspberry Pi player.

I think I’m not alone in staying with Volumio because there’s no other options for my use-case, but to quote one of the world leaders - “it is what it is”, and a fairly low price point makes it tolerable :slight_smile:

There’s no huge paid dev-team for Volumio so I’ll take what progress that’s made. At least Buster will be supported until June 2024.

If you don’t use the premium features, you can try the buster beta image

When the Volumio OTA update failed on one of my three RPi’s, I converted it to moOde. Works very well. And you can do an apt update; apt upgrade without bricking the system.

Pre-alpha would be a more accurate description.

I don’t really agree, with some tweaks for some plugins it works quite well!

@Darmur s this the latest debian version 64bit?

I’ve actually been running stretch (and now buster) on my daily drive boards for almost a year now. But then again, your mileage may vary - I don’t mind getting my hands in there to fix things :wink:
Also FWIW, with the buster builds, you can go crazy with apt update && apt upgrade. At least for now - until the custom binary builds containing the Volumio sauce is incorporated in…

I did build a few 64bit test builds, but you need a few workarounds to get everything workings smoothly. Which device/board are you thinking of using?

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Linux raspberrypi 5.4.51-v8+ #1327 SMP PREEMPT Thu Jul 23 11:11:34 BST 2020 aarch64 << this is what i run my pihole on…
with some tweaks :stuck_out_tongue: 2000mhz zram swap ect.

pi 4 4gig
storage : 256gig ssd usb sandisk extreme pro or micro sd
dac: dragonfly …
if i know how i can do it :stuck_out_tongue:

a 64bit version will work only on latest RPi, what is the advantage of a 64bit Volumio over a 32bit one?

I really don’t see it

it’s blazing fast no stutters on youtube ect…no one buy’s a 8 gig to run like a snale…
that volumio is running on old distro’s is a lak of coders over here…

if you use your Raspberry Pi to run a standard operating system like Debian or Ubuntu, moving to 64bit operating system and making use of 8GB of RAM makes a huge difference on performance.

This is not the case of Volumio, because it’s been tuned and optimized to perform one specific task: play music. As I said, moving to 64bit will not make any difference, and 8GB of RAM is an overkill, because even 2GB are never fully used.

I have the impression you are little bit too arrogant, and I also have the impression you don’t really know what you’re taking about

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what i wanna do is running more then only volumio and need a 64 bit version for that …

so what’s the point?

Volumio on Raspberry Pi 4 does not require 64bit or 8GB of RAM to run faster, because even 2GB of RAM are never filled-up.

My reply was referring to your previous message, before your last edit.

I’m more and more convinced you don’t know what you’re talking about

if you want to run multiple things on a pi you don’t use a zero…

Blockquote I have the impression you are little bit too arrogant, and I also have the impression you don’t really know what you’re taking about …

i’m not but if you tweak the pi4 you get smoothness with all things… life isn’t volumio…

Now I am sure you don’t know what you’re talking about.

You can’t do that on Raspberry Pi 4, even with 64bit Volumio

I never mentioned I’m using a zero for running multiple things.

My initial statement was: Volumio on Raspberry Pi 4 does not require 64bit or more than 2GB of RAM to run faster. Point.

you can pi isn’t any more a one app only…i can run youtube next to pihole and if volumio where made like a
installer you could run a lot next to it…take a look at pi hole 1 bash and it runs… and it does more then a simple player

Volumio is not an app, it is a full Linux distribution tailored on high-quality music playback.

It was NEVER mean to be used with something else. If you don’t like it, please feel free to use something else, or start your own project to do what you like. Good luck!