Building a portable volumio

hi i am building a portable player using volumio working with a lcd with buttons and web controls stay tuned as i progress as i am testing batteries for best size/ weight ratio.

Wow! Exciting!!! Eager to see it!

decided to use a larger battery just to keep the pi running longer a kimashi k-mp806 it is a 11200 mah battery should last around 12 hrs continuous usage.
it is fairly large but not too large.

this sounds very interesting, especially the LCD part. I’d like to integrate such a function in my own projects at some stage, namely converting old tube radios into Raspberry Pi-powered webradios running Volumio…

Currently I am sitting on 3 different displays a plain Jane 16 x 2 lcd a 1.8 in tft spi display and waiting on a nokia n8 display but mpd supports a plug in to display a now playing display for a plain 16 x 2 display but none yet for a fancier lcd as I want ro display album art too I may have to abandon volumio for something like raspmc.

If you have a look at: … t-the-box/
you will see the LCDPlate (from Adafruit) works like a charm!

I am going to port:
project over this weekend, as I like the VOLUMIO interface. The reason for this is to have my custom buttons/LCD working, but on the VOLUMIO’s web-interface. I think it is going to take a bit of time, but it should work…

Hope I gave you enough ammunition to get this project of yours back-up-an-running!


I’ll like to build one like you propose but in my dream the display is the Adafruit’s PiTft, but like it’s said in this post it will be deadly slow to have a local GUI, so i’m thinking on attaching to Raspis, one for host Volumio and other one for GUI purposes.

So, what are your advances in this project?

I’m using one of these, well two.

Plug n play. It was perfect for me since I don’t trust myself soldering anything. It has a 16x2 lcd, 5 buttons on the bottom, 3 position rocker like switch on the top, and an IR receiver.