Bug #1 of Many

Hi Volumio Users… not sure where to begin, except at the beginning…I have, at least I thought I did, downloaded the Zip file to my desktop, no show, then I downloaded the Utorrent File, every time I click on that Utorrent opens up. Try to extract to desktop again, this time, Utorrent FIle on Desktop, now see zip file with Utorrent extension…what the hell is going on, I have already spent 45min on this nonsense…I have never had so many issues trying to extract a zip file in using computers for 20 yrs. maybe more…!!!

I am pissed…to the point I don’t even what to pursue Volumio software for my DAC+ Device and am already scoping out more sources for software to drive my audio device connected to my Pi… :neutral_face:

Wow, does this take a lot of energy to try and communicate my issues with those who are the holders of the answers to these problems…makes me want to learn how to do my own coding and development of my own software for this platform, i.e., Raspberry Pi2 or B+ or B or whatever and PiFi DAC+ V2.0 or HiFiBerry, Wolfson What-have-you…etc…how difficult could it possibly be right? 4 yrs of schooling and lots of debt…

Ok, I stand corrected, for some reason, I kept getting the Torrent Img Zip and Win32 didn’t like that for some reason, long story short, I deleted the files I originally downloaded, and started over again, and just downloaded not the Torrent, and boom…Image file just like that, just what I was anticipating this morning, but didn’t happen…Happy Happy , now I can move on to Bug #2 once I get there…


downloaded the raspberry pi zip file, flashed it and it works.
which device do you use? can you download the zip file or do you need to download with torrent?

So basically you fucked up because you aren’t really good with computers, and went off the deep end at the person writing free software for you to use?

Did I get that about right?

I am looking forward to Bug #2 of many… this is worth the cost of the popcorn, at least.

FWIW, the download worked perfectly, first time, for me (and everyone else, I suspect).