Hi there,

I’m new to volumio. Since yesterday volumio 2.118 is running using an RPi3/Touch display.
I already ordered a PiFi DAC+.

Now I’m looking for loud speakers, but there are is a endless choice on market.

The ones I’m looking for should be…

  • not ugly :slight_smile:
  • in a price range from 0-120 Euro

Would be great to get some suggestions. Which pair of loud speakers does the community recommend?

If I were you, I’ll have a look at Q acoustics 2020 or 2020i. Plenty of good reviews. I never listened them, but for my office this a possible choice for the future ( or 3030)

But maybe to expensive for you…
Or other choice eltax monitor iii

Really cheaper : hificorner.eu/fr/enceintes- … 0wodShAMSA

Eltax are looking great, but in germany I can’t find any shop to buy from.

A silly question, I think, but I do have to ask: all of those speakers offer 2 connectors, Cinch/RCA red and white. The DAC offers white und red connectors, too, but only two of them, not 4 connectors for 2 speakers.

Okay, I have to connect those speakers to an amp / a/v-receiver, there is no way to connect them directly to the DAC?!

Q acoustics 2010i EUR 89/pc… is this comparable to teufel.de/stereo/ultima-20-mk2-p12793.html ?

If you do not want to use an amplifier, look for active speakers. Active speakers can be connected directly to a DAC.

Look at suppliers like

But also a lot of the ‘normal’ speaker manifacturers have Active speakers in their lineup. Look at

Enough choise. Active speakers will always be a little bit more expensive than their passive sibblings as they have build in amplification.

My suggestion, go and listen to some:)

Good luck

With a risk to commit a blasphemy and swear in church ! :slight_smile:
Edifier (Chinese made) NO high end speaker ! but is given good criticism , my plan is to buy a pair of Studio 1600 TIII 2.0 as garage speakers (active speakers) for under 100 Euro

You are looking for active speakers as I get it. Otherwise I’d recommend Micca mb42 which I am using.

Damn good for a 4’ speaker.

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I´ve bought Eltax Monitor iii, which are looking great…

Now there is only one question left:
As I want to connect those speakers to my raspberry pi 3 running volume 2, I´ve bought a PiFi DAC+ from AliExpress. At the moment it is shipping for approx. 2-3 weeks.

Meanwhile I´d like to think about how to connect the speakers… I want to build one headless RPi-Volumio for my Marantz SR-5010 A/V-receiver, one with touch screen for my working place as an internet radio und one for my hobby room…

So, at the moment I am thinking about this hardware configuration:

  • Marantz room: RPI Zero with Hifiberry mini DAC
  • hobby room: RPI Zero with Pimoroni piHat Beat with buttons (what do you think?) aka Pirate Radio
  • working place: RPi3 with 7" touch screen PiFi DAC+ and Eltax Monitor iii


  1. Does the Hifiberry mini DAC with PiZero offer good quality a speed ?
  2. What kind of amplifier do I need to put between the Eltax and the RPI3 with PiFi DAC ? I am looking for a possibility to connect them. And, what would you recommend as an amp ? Or does an Hifiberry amp DAC offer sufficient power for connecting the eltax to the RPi3/Volumio ?

These are the cheapest i found. A pair would cost some cent.
Please excuse my joke.

Pioneer SP-BS22 (about 130$) - it’s like Porta Pro among the bookshelf speakers if you know what I mean. :smiley: They will deliver 100% guarantied fun to their owner. I owned them but now gone on the next level with Wharfedale Denton 80th Anniversary Edition.

Can anyone recomend a pair of floorstanders or bookshelf for a 40sqm room? Amp is an audiolab.

Would mission 782 do the trick? Focal 714? MA BX5?

If they’re available where you are, I can heartily recommend a set of these:

qacoustics.co.uk/q-acoustic … -pair.html

I have a set, driven by an RPi and various TPA3116, TDA7498 & TPA3251 amps - very impressed.


What s the sound like? Warm or cold?

I’d say warm and enveloping; depending upon the music, of course. Eva Cassidy is crystal clear, Pearl Jam forceful, Prodigy wide ranging and orchestral/choir all around you. At all volumes (from nearfield listening to party time) reproduction is sublime, for the price. They are extremely well built and finished. It’ll be a fair while until I need to upgrade, I think.

I can confirm what Yatsushiro says… im using as tube pre a little bear p1, as amp kingrex, Q3050 speakers…great 3D soundstage and realistic sound!

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Hi! i am from USA and i also want to buy a pair of loud speakers in cheap price for my car. Please suggest me which type of speakers are best and in low price ?
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