Bubble UPNP and HIFI Cast not working

System Version: 3.324

Volumio Version:
Hardware: Volumio Primo HIFI Edtion
DAC: –
Android 10

When playing on the system with both apps, after 2 or 3 songs, the playback stopps.
It does not matter if the source is on my minimserver or local on my smartphone.

As the volume keys at the smartphone cannot control the volume, I want to use the playback with the above mentioned apps.

As it is a new system, I think to return it, if not working.

I cannot find any help here regarding to it.

Ping @volumio @DED

None of the suggested topics shows a solution!

If you have used BubbleUPNP previously with older Volumio version or other systems please try to uninstall BubbleUPNP from Android device first and then install again. It solved all issues (HW volume buttons, album art, duration etc.) in my Samsung S20.

Since you have the Primo Hifi-edition you have the right to get dedicated support from Volumio, but you have to create a support ticket at Jira Service Management

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I created a ticket, it is now in progress.
Currently is a summer break hopefully it will resolved in September.

I’m still waiting for support.
I’m afraid that I bought the wrong device. :frowning:

By this setting in HIFI Cast, it works.

Limitation here, no gapless is possible.
Bubble UPNP is still not working.
I’m frustrated, I’m not sure if I bought my needed device.
In opposite to here mentioned other Apps don’t work proper, look for OpenHomeOhMedia-Support!

Also the latest version does not solve the issue.
To buy a Volumio was in my view a bad decision.

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Hi all,

my greatest fault was not to return the device in time.

The support is bad.

The Volumio App and the Volumio Website Control is also bad.
Both do not show cover in album views. Both do not support all feature of my server.

I hope I can sell it soon.
Is anyone interested?

I fushed the rubbish firmware with Raspbian. Now it works.
I can choose replay gain in both modes album or track.

@ mminga
I experience the same problems as you did 8 months ago.
Can you send me a detailed instruction on how to delete the firmware with Raspbian. Sounds risky to me. Can you use BubbleUPNP with the Volumio Primo in full strength now? (volume control, sorting playlists and albums alphabetically on artist name, displaying album covers etc.).??
I would appreciate your reply.