BT controller issue

I have successfully paired a bluetooth remote control on a RPI4 running 3.601,
however I have another RPI4 and a second remote running 3.616 and it will not pair. no way no how.
Can I have a link to the 3.601 image to see if my problem has been introduced in the newer version?

Just for fun I booted up a rasbian image and I was able to pair my remote. Could something in 3.616 cause BT pairing issues?

Link to 3.601 image:
Hope this helps

Thanks, friend. I’ll give it a try!

Gave it a try and sometimes I can get it to pair.
When using sudo bluetoothctl, you only get one shot to pair.
If it fails you need to do a factory reset to try again. Don’t ask me why, but after 3 days of playing with this, that’s how it currently works.

It may or may not pair. I had it paired perfectly last night on 3.601.
I tried today on a fresh install and I get :frowning:
Device AB:6B:70:5B:5C:F3 Connected: yes
Failed to pair: org.bluez.Error.ConnectionAttemptFailed
[CHG] Device AB:6B:70:5B:5C:F3 Connected: no
sometimes it works other times not so much. the latest volumio version I believe has the same issue.
So Having a BT remote controller is really great. It is working perfectly on one of my systems.
I have the exact same harware and it is hit and miss to connect via BT.
I know this functionality is probably not supported, but it is really great and it would be super if someone could look into it for me. Thanks