Browser Access - Authorization Required

Hi there, apologies if this is a stupid question. I’ve got Volumio running on an old Netbook, connecting to my NAS and I’ve been controlling it via the iPhone App. So far so good, works great, sounds great. I’ve recently tried accessing it via the browser as I’m sitting at home working on the pc. My server is named music (original I know) but when accessing it via the browser at music.local or the local ip address (on http or https) It appends /shares/ to the url and asks for an authentication username / password. I’m not aware I’ve set one anywhere and can’t find any reference to it in the settings nor documentation. I assume its something basic I’m doing wrong. Any clues
Thanks in advance

Is this related to settings on your NAS? If you remove the NAS, does Volumio work OK in your browser (without prompting for username etc)?

Hi & welcome btw JStacey :slight_smile:

It’s possible. I have tried the username for my NAS in the authentication prompt. I don’t have a password for it which causes issues with authentication prompts anyway. I’ll try removing the NAS and see if that does the trick. The NAS runs a DLNA server which it looks like Volumio picks up fine anyway. I assume it just means that Volumio will rely on the DLNA server to index rather than doing it itself which is fine providing there is no speed difference. I’ll have a fiddle and report back

Unfortunately this hasn’t fixed it. I’ve removed the share, restarted the server, tried it on a fresh browser so no chance of any funky caching or redirecting. It still redirects to ‘shares’ and requires login.

This sounds a little odd. Would you like to reinstall Volumio, don’t initially add your NAS, and check that Volumio works ok for say a web radio stream? You might also like to look at the system logs to see if these shed any light on the problem. I’ve never seen anything remotely like this previously. You haven’t changed the Volumio password have you?

I’ve not changed any passwords no. I assumed it was something odd as I couldn’t see any other references to anything like it. I’ll reinstall and start fresh as you say and see how that works

I’ll keep you posted

It looks like music.local is not Volumio, but an other server, your Nas ?

The same thing happens when I go via the IP address directly so I guess that’s not it. I’ll reinstall with default settings and see how far that gets me.

OK so a reinstall following the same path as last time but leaving the server name to the default volumio appears to have fixed it. I’ve no idea whether the name music was confusing matters or what it was but its all happy now. I’ve looked through my work vpn settings and docker config and there’s nothing there that would conflict so I guess it will remain a mystery, but one that fixed. Thanks for the input :slight_smile: