Browse error on artist search

When you search from the libary view, e.g. for an artist name and then click on the result the UI shows a “browse error” message in some cases.

In my case, I have a single file of an artist in the root of the INTERNAL folder (as opposed to whole albums of other artists organized in subfolders).
Clicking on the one search result yields the error message as seen in the attachment.

The log shows

Also, what I noticed is that this particular artist also does not show up in the artist view as well (probably the cause of the issue above).
Playing the track via the library view (folder view) works perfectly, though.

I’ve tried to refresh the library, reboot, etc. but it did not change the behavior.

Please check if albumartist tag is correct with this file

Yes, it has “Various Artists” set as album artist.
And under that artist it also appears in the artist view (did not look there before).

But the browse error from search result still remains.