Box-style case for build using official 7” Pi display?

Hi - I’ve seen some really impressive builds here, but I haven’t (so far) seen anyone using the official 7” Raspberry Pi display with a rectangular box, audio-equipment style case. The only cases I can find have the display at a slant and don’t look very attractive (SmartiPi for example). I’d rather have a more rectangular case, almost like a homemade NAD M10, or the NAD C700 but without the volume dial.

I’ve had Volumio for a few months now and the display customized to my liking, I’d just like a casing that looks more like my other audio equipment and doesn’t scream “I made this in my spare time” as it does now. I hope this request for help makes sense! Would be open to ordering a custom case, but I have no idea how to do that or where from.

find out if a metal fabricator in your town would be willing to bend some sheet metal for you. They likely would not charge you much to do so and it could be exactly to your spec, as long as it is just simple straight bends. All it requires them to do is measure and put it in a sheetmetal brake.