BOSS2 OLED application

On my RPI4, I have installed an “allo-boss2-dac-cs43198-32bit-192khz-dsd64-avec-boitier-acrylique-noir-” (Audiophonics forum seems dead)
I have absolutely no experience of Linux, so I don’t know how to install the LCD & volume component, as stated here :
I am only able to login to Volumio root, but how to “copy tar file to location /opt/”?
I suppose that the tar file can be on a USB stick ?
Supposing it will work, how to follow the rest of the instructions ?
Many thanks by advance !

You cannot login to volumio as root; it is disabled. You can use ‘sudo’ to get root privileges.

The guide tells you how to get the file onto /opt, but I really wonder if you should be blindly following installation instructions that you don’t understand?

Hi @Sernyl_S7
Disclaimer: These are some some of the steps I tried to fix/workaround the issue, YMMV. Volumio may fix the issue in release 3.0. Proceed only if you absolutely need to get the LCD / remote working and do take backups if needed.

I have an Allo Boss2 running Volumio and it was a pain to get the LCD (and the remote working). The steps listed in Allo link will end with an error and that is because of dependencies while installing RPI.GPIO which is the core component for the LCD to work. I found few options and you can try them (I would suggest using a spare SD card to experiment as most likely you will have reformat):
A) Flash the Volumio image provided by Allo here:
Problem with this option is the image is at version 2.8x and Volumio does not permit upgrade to version 2.917 due to “changed system files”. I think this is because Allo guys probably edited or changed few files

B). Fix the issue in installing RPI.GPIO:
Even though you can just copy paste the commands this may require some Linux knowledge.

  1. Go to htp://volumio.local/dev → substitute URL with IP if you are using that.
  2. Enable SSH (the page may not show you any confirmation but once you click the button it enables the service)
  3. Use Putty or similar tool to login (default user: volumio, pass: volumio)

sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list
and add this line:

deb Index of /raspbian stretch main contrib non-free rpi
and update the package list:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install binutils
sudo apt-get install libstdc+±4.9-dev
sudo apt-get install gcc-4.9 gcc g+±4.9 g++ dpkg-dev

sudo su → this will enable root mode
apt-get install build-essential
If you get any broken package errors, try running this:
sudo apt --fix-missing update
If the above install ends successfully, follow the steps at
to install LCD and remote drivers.

This should get the LCD and remote working.

C) I used this work around (which required quite a bit of tinkering) to get mine working. But do note remote still doesnt work and Im searching for a work around for that :slight_smile:

  1. Install MPD OLED plugin from here:
    volumio-plugins/plugins/miscellanea/mpd_oled at master · supercrab/volumio-plugins · GitHub
    (I have copied the steps below)
    mkdir ./mop
    miniunzip -d ./mop
    cd ./mop
    volumio plugin install
    volumio vrestart
    cd …
    rm -Rf mop
    rm -Rf
  2. Once the plugin is installed and enabled, go to plugin settings page and select “SH1106 i2C 128x64” in OLED display type.
  3. Turn on the’Rotate Display’ option if required but keep rest of the settings default for now.
  4. Reboot Volumio.
  5. If you need to access the settings of the Boss2 dac without the remote follow these steps
    a. Open SSH
    b. type command alsamixer
    This will allow you to change RMS (voltage) options and turn filters (phase, roll off etc) on and off. EDIT: Press F6 on your keyboard and select Allo Boss2 in soundcard list. You can use your arrow keys to move to each setting and use ‘M’ key to change the setting.

TNX again for the suggestions.
I installed V3 release and expected to find a plugin for Boss2.
Will there be such a plugin, or do I have to do all the stuff you indicated ?
Season’s greetings,

" The guide tells you how to get the file onto /opt, but I really wonder if you should be blindly following installation instructions that you don’t understand? "

  • Of course : not !
  • This should be a plugin available directly from Volumio !


Finally managed to install OLED application on Volumio 3 / Pi4, with the kind help of Allo team.
I had just missed sudo, and I2S config :frowning:
It works !

Why don’t you suggest Allo Team to do a Volumio plugin so it becomes easy for everyone?
I think this will be the best way

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Of course that would be really great!
The Allo BOSS2 sounds really fantastic!!!
For me it’s a top piece!

It would also be great if the output voltage is adjustable. I assume that the output voltage is set to 1.7 V by default. This cannot easily be set to 2.0 V in Volumio.
This means that the amplifier cannot be optimally controlled.
But I think if it’s adjustable, that would be perfect.

According to the BOSS2 manual, voltage can be adjusted to 2 V.
And several other interesting things.

…via the OLED screen.


Yes of course I saw that.
But unfortunately it is not possible without the manual installation of the display module. And with the installation of the package, the update functionality is destroyed.
In my opinion the display is too small and not useful with Volumio. Volumio has a very nice interface.
I would find it perfect if there were a plugin for Volumio to be able to make these settings in the Volumio interface.
I asked support to create a Volumio plugin and make Volumio available. Let’s hope can deliver.


I agree with you on all points.
And asked them, too.