Boss & Volt: 5 short questions


I am currently running

RPi 3 with Volumio / Pifi DAC+ / ifi iPower 5V


NAD C326BEE with Orbid Sound Pluto speakers, with tweeters replaced by Audiopur AMT Tweeters.

After joyful reading for hours about Allo gear, I would like to change my setup to:

RPI3B / Allo Boss DAC / Relay Attenuator / Allo Volt / Capacitance Multiplier

driven by Volumio :bulb:

We mainly listen to ALAC via Airplay and to Spotify Premium.
I have a few questions:

  1. Does the new setup make sense?
  2. Will an Asus Notebook PSU with 19V and 3.42A (small brick) be okay for driving the Allo Volt?
  3. I would like to use the ifi iPower for driving the Boss DAC, is there a difference in powering it via its own socket or using the RPI microUSB socket?
  4. Will I be able to control the volume of the relay attenuator using a silver Apple Remote?
  5. Do you have suggestions for the case? I have access to a CNC milling machine and all kinds of acrylic glass.

Kind regards

The Boss dac is great. I’d recommend it. I’ve compared it against IQaudio DAC+ and it wins hands down especially if you need a bit more bass. A good power supply really helps and your IFI should be good enough to power both Rpi and Boss.

When it comes to D-class amplifiers the jury is still out for me and I’d try a Boss with your NAD first if I was you before trying anything else new.

I have just bought an Amptastic D-class amp (built in Europe/designed in Cambridge. It is remarkable value for money - The Soundstage is fantastic but I still find it a tad exhausting compared to a traditional amp (a typical trait in D class amps). It’s getting better after a run in and for £130 it’s well worth a try (it also comes with their own power supply). Any more money than this and you are better off staying with the NAD.

Having said that your speakers are well matched with a D-class amp as they’re super sensitive.

Hope this helps


Thank you Dominic!

Will look into Amptastic.

Hi Matthias

Let me know what you decide to do. I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on the Amptastic or any other D-class amps you try – Volt included.



Hi I just bought a secondhand NAD D3020 for a second system. It’s a D-class amp but it is wonderful and the built in DAC in it sounds good to me!