Boss V1.2

BOSS 1.4 03 (004).JPGV1.2 with improved features.

THD+N was improved by +1.5db
Clocks were changed to the latest from NDK NZ2520SDA with better jitter specs ( … _1433.html)
Extra SMD film capacitor in the analog stage for better mid/hi frequency details
Ability to feed power to the Boss only using a Type C USB (3A!!) connector or Boss + RPI from uUSB (or RPI) or Type C USB (on Boss)

Shipping now .


Wooot!! [emoji38][HEAVY BLACK HEART]️

I am SpeSay on stereomecmuası forum and looking forward!!

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power details

The old case is compatible with this? (new connector)
Is the Ipower compatible with the 1.2 version, independent powering?

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Old cases are for Boss , they dont have the opening of the 1.2 Boss

Ifi power should be fine, Boss 1.2 only needs 150ma

Thank you for your response.

Tapatalkkal küldve az én Redmi Note 3 eszközömről

Anyone able to directly compare ‘old’ and ‘new’ Boss cards?

Chris M

I like these changes! :wink:

Why not use a better DAC chip? To make a pro version.

We are working on it.

Are you working on a project with a 9038q2m chip?
I think I had read that on another thread.

Yes, no other detail is available at this point

Ok thanks.

I am upgrading my headphone setup from a to b.
Now i am looking for a high quality DAC. But on a budget. Got my eyes on a smsl M8.

Now i am running hifiberry Digi+ to an smsl Sanskrit DAC.

The Boss V1.2 sounds great to me. But…

Is it possible to feed the Pi with USB Audio?
Or put on an extra board for optical or/and coaxial inputs?
So i can use the Pi as a dedicated dac with other sources?

You can attach something to the USB and read files from it

You can use a DigiOne for spidif out (top of RPI)

You canot combine a Boss and DigiOne

Thanks for clarification… Allready thought something like this.

I have a tinkerboard on its way and feed it with usb to a dedicated DAC.

It’s a bit offtopic but it would make a nice upgrade if you guys came up with something to add extra inputs!
I don’t mind put it on my stack of Pi, Isolator and Boss :smiley:

Hi friends,

i will compare the boss DAC with the boss DAC V 1.2. next week, so stay tuned :wink:

Which is a better sounding combination?

  1. RPI3 + Boss 1.2 DAC, OR
  2. Tinker board + Boss 1.2 DAC

Got my Boss 1.2 DAC today.

I replaced it and played my favourite audiophile quality flac & wav files thru it. With the jumper on, I connected the IFI power to the dac.

Wow! What a wonderfully clear and musical sound.

ALLO, you have done a great job on this DAC. Appreciated !!