Boss or Kali+Piano bundle

Which gives best sound quality - the Allo Boss or Kali+Piano bundle? Musical taste is folk and rock. Headphone socket need not be taken into account as I won’t use it.
Using RPi B+. DAC connected to Mission Cyrus amplifier and Mordaunt Short Speakers.
Thanks for the advice,

If I were you, I would change to PI3. That’s the only sure thing.

BOSS is very musical, Kali + Piano is more neutral (Kali + Piano 2.1 is even better since you can configure it in dual mono, some say its the most analog sound they could get).

It’s difficult to suggest you a clear winner, it depends on your tastes.

Thanks - didn’t realise that the Pi3 would improve the sound quality. What’s the reason behind that?
At the moment I am using a Hifiberry DAC + with the Pi B+ and am looking to upgrade a bit. (Have seperate thread going on about best upgrade for 120 Euros which led to the question regarding Boss or bundle).

It does not directly improve sound quality: but browsing, startup time and everything related to browsing is much much smoother… Which ends up in you being more relaxed while listening music :smiley:

Can you elaborate on what “musical” means? Is it a high, mid, or low effect?