Booting notifications on startup and white screen

Hello dear community :slight_smile:

the booting notifications with all these messages, is it possible to switch them off completely ?

i have a touchscreen installed…when booting, the background is black, then the volumio logo is displayed, turns black again…and then turns completely white once for 2-3 seconds; then the volumio interface is displayed

does anyone else have the same behaviour with the white screen on boot?

Hi. Yes. I have the same.

  • Start
  • Volumio text
  • Black screen
  • Volumio text login
  • Black screen
  • one second White screen
  • NowPlaying whether screen (or MYVolumio screen when turn off NowPlaying PLUGIN)

This green info is all time but only few sec.

I have 11,9 and Pi5

then I am already more relaxed that the problem does not only occur with my system :slight_smile:

What could be the problem with the white screen?
the white screen just doesn’t look professional when booting :slight_smile: as well as these messages

11.9 under pi4

If I recall correctly, this is not related to the application but to the OS in combination with Chromium.
I see this with Volumio but also with the original Raspberry Image (with LMS + Kiosk). just before the display loads the GUI the screen blanks (white) then the GUI loads.

exactly, about 3-4 sec before the GUI
then i’ll do a bit of searching on the net, if it doesn’t only occur under volumio, some people should have something to report about it

No, it’s related to Chromium.
You see topics on:

See link in my previous post.

You can change white to black:

  • In chrome://flags/, enable the option of enable-force-dark

hehe that’s exactly what I had read now…
where can I find that in volumio?

Type in the header bar: chrome://flags/
Then search for “enable-force-dark”, and enable it.

This will force all white surfaces to render as black, including the ominous flashing screen.

Script is located at /opt/

open a ssh session and type:
sudo nano /opt/

--disable-translate \
and add below:
--force-dark-mode \

Just tested it and it does work. Keep in mind you modify code of the touch display plugin and it will be lost if you update/reinstall the plugin.

I’ve requested @gvolt if he could add it to the plugin.

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for me it turns grey, then quickly white, then grey, then it loads the ui

I remember, on my old Pi4 with Waveshare 11.9 and Volumio on old version with old kernel after booting was big VOLUMIO on screen. It was in time when I config my LCD format and rotation in “userconfig.txt”. Now it looks as all LCD screen config are load later, with Touchscreen and it’s reason why you don’t see “VOLUMIO” on start and have white screen.

But I’m not specialist :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing your experience :slight_smile:

do you still have the problem now (white screen)? …because I have the current stable version

I have 3.601 and now have black screen, but my system on Pi5 boot from NVMe and it takes about half minute from start.

I have freshly set up the system with 3.601 pi4
Touch Display plugin 3.3.7
Waveshare 11.9 hdmi


and --force-dark-mode \ is also in place

with the force dark mode, the screen turns grey, then it flickers in grey white; and that very quickly, and then the GUI starts

Problem still exists, just slightly different :slight_smile:

I can’t compare it. On Pi5 I have empty userconfig and on volumioconfig only this for LCD: