Booting from SD Card on x86 PC

Hey there
Simple question really I am booting Volumio from my PC x86 got as far as Volumio/Volumio login the logo pops up - now it’s asking for a command - what do I put in ??

you should not landing on the terminal, the x86 image should boot to the web interface

So I’m not running it from an SD Card ? I thought you have to boot from Bios, select which drive, then boot from the selected drive which is the SD Card

This is what I get -

So at the bottom of the the page it is asking for a command … I need to know what command or instruction to put in to access the UI

Downloading the Volumio file again , making sure I flash the img file to the SD card hopefully that will do the trick

AFAIK Asus EEE needed a specific graphics driver and resolution settings, so Volumio UI on Asus EEE will not be supported.
Perhaps Volumio will run fine headless, otherwise you’re out of luck I’m afraid.

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Thank you very much for the input everyone !! :grinning:

if things went well, you could reach the graphic interface from any other device in your lan at the address http://volumio.local (or http://<IP_OF_ASUS_EEE>).
but sometimes things don’t go fine: see this post:
X86 Hardware issues (WiFi, DAC, Disks, Boot etc.) - #245 by fo02667
in my case, my pc had not enough hardware resources to let the things go fine: