Boot issue with latest Volumio update

Good morning!
I have a new Pi4 with an IQaudio pi-digiamp+ hat. I have set up the software with Pinn-lite, so I can use it with Volumio, LibreELEC and Raspbian without having to swap sd cards. I set it up without any problems. All of the operating systems are working fine. This is as of 02.12.2019.

Once logged into the Volumio, I completed the initial configuration and was able to get my music to play. After which, I browsed to the settings section and I saw that there was an update available and updated it (the version release date is 01.12.2019). However, Volumio will no longer boot now. I get the following error message:

modprobe: can’t change directory to ‘4.19.79-v71+’ : no such file or directory.

After, which the problem cascades as the script keeps encountering errors due to not being able to locate the correct directory. I’m assuming this is because I’m using Pinn and it has loaded Volumio onto a partition and the script doesn’t know where to find it. How do I edit the boot script to fix this? I’m also wondering why the initial version that Pinn installed works, and this update breaks it?

Pinn is a version of the Noobs installer/bootloader.

I don’t recall seeing any mention of Volumio officially supporting installation under Noobs. This means that the update process will almost certainly break the installation as it is not expecting to be installed under Noobs and isn’t aware of the different disk layout and boot process.

Pi operating systems that are self updating will only be compatible with Noobs if they are explicitly written and tested to be compatible.

So my advice would be don’t do it. SD cards are cheap and swapping them isn’t that difficult. Unless Volumio adds official support for this method of installation you will have problems on every update.