Boot is failing

I have just begun with the RPi 2 and the latest rev of Volumio. My library is on a NAS- Openmediavault. I have no problem using the GUI to mount the music folder of my NAS. Scan and playback work fine until I reboot the RPi 2.

After reboot the unit hangs during boot without a command prompt with the error “cifs vfs error connecting to socket aborting operation”. My permissions are working fine during the initial setup but apparently do not persist after reboot.

I am comfortable using SSH but the unit hangs without getting on my network. I have no idea where to go from here.


I can boot now. Each time I reboot the NAS mount turns red in the GUI and I must re-save the mount to get a green check mark.

What can I enter at a command line to have the mount persist at boot?