Boot fails when attach a self-powered USB DAC

Hi, I have made a Volumio Player with the following devices
-Raspberry Pi 4 2GB
-Official RPi 4 PSU
-MPI5001 5” HDMI capacitive touch screen
-Lusya DAC board with CM108AH and 4X parallel TDA1543T
The Pi boots fine when the plugged DAC is powered from the Pi through the USB cable. However on that case a lot of noise appears at high volume level. If I cut the power provided from the Pi to DAC and put power on the DAC from another linear PSU, then the noise disappears completely but the boot fails. If I insert the DAC USB cable just a fraction of a second Pi is powered on, then it boots with no problem.
Do you have any suggestion how to resolve that problem, because I have enclose all the devices in the same chassis and I use a single switch to power them on?
Thank you