Boot command after installing Volumio

I’ve just flashed the Volumio on a Raspberry pi 4 and I got stuck at the attached screen. So, can, someone, explain how do I get to desktop from this screen?

Best regards.

Volumio is designed as a headless system. You connect to its UI through a browser ( runnning on another device (PC, smartphone…).

If you have connected a display to your Raspi and want to use that to operate Volumio you need to install the Touch Display plugin from the plugin store (you find it in the category “Miscellanea”).

Goto any browser on your network and type volumio.local to load the setup screen :slight_smile:
if you need to know your ip login with name : volumio password: volumio
and type : hostname -I ( big i ) and enter.
use this ip in your browser if volumio.local doesn’t work for u.