Boot and Network issues

I recently installed Vol 1.4 on my Rpi B with Geekroos dac. Using wireless, all worked well for the first week or so, then issues started to arise, 1st it wouldn’t recognise wireless, then sometimes won’t recognise wired, and other times won’t even boot. Tried reinstalling 1.4 on card, this will get me to the interface where I’ll be able to set up again, but after a couple of restarts it will bug out on me again - it just seems very random, unstable and frustrating. Sometimes i get a 403 error,

Any ideas where to begin?? Tried clearing / restarting router, multiple sd card refreshes… don’t know why it worked so well the first time and now all these issues.

Also now when i do manage to get it going the audio is really unintelligible through amp and speakers but if i plug headphones into the speaker out it sounds ok but still not right. Perhaps for some reason it’s putting out millivolts not volts??