Boombox project

A while ago I saved an old stereo from the skip at work which turned out to be from 1979 its an Aiwa tpr-901b k. I have stripped out the insides and gotten rid of the rotten electronics but saved the fascia, buttons etc. I have 3d printed a sliding motherboard mount for a raspberry pi and an amp2 and have been trying to use this screen which has driven me nuts.

Currently, spotify is playing some Sunday afternoon metal out of some recycled car speakers.

The screen has a very basic mount on the front of the case at the moment while I played with volumio, but I am aiming to swap it out for this and create a more permanent mounting solution.

I believe the DSI should work out of the box, any experiences with this display?

Can I change the screen saver in volumio to a custom one, like a tape :wink: ?

Next steps are looking to get some of the buttons working in the case, a fan lights etc